About Us

At Signature Solutions, LLC, our team is highly qualified to handle any real estate transaction and we are committed to making successful deals that meet and exceed our client’s needs. Our team of professionals has the integrity to follow up on our promises, and the expertise to navigate any transaction to ensure you’re fully informed to make the best decision possible.

Founded in 2018 by Angela Wyche,  Larry Jones and Lauren Jones, Signature Solutions is excited to be part of the area’s renaissance and we aspire to continue contributing to the economic rejuvenation of Chicagoland’s area robust history and its neighborhoods.

In addition to re-developing a large number of single family and multi-family properties throughout the state, we move with the intention of revitalizing communities and encouraging home ownership. Our mission is to rejuvenate neighborhoods and increase the standard of living by improving the overall quality of housing in these areas. 

With decades of experience, we not only build houses for families but we transform them into dream homes. Signature Solutions LLC prides itself on providing quality service that yields signature results. Every story has a rich foundation, and we share a bit of our foundation in every project we take on. 

Team Members

We’re a group of passionate people helping you to grow your business.

Angela Wyche


Mrs. Wyche has well over 30 years of experience commercially and residentially in the Real Estate, and Construction/Development industry and has done numerous projects from small  renovations to total rehabs throughout the Chicago land and Louisiana areas.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Finance and has over 35 years  experience in the area of Accounting. She has used both her construction, accounting and management skills to effectively set up and run a solid structural foundation for her businesses.Angela Wyche has become involved with community outreach for teenage girls and young women to assist in daily and  financial challenges.  She really enjoys going the extra mile to help others   and has become a positive role model for many women within the community.

Larry Jones

Acquisitions Manager

Larry V. Jones has over 30 years of hands-on experience in the Real Estate Construction/Development industry and has done numerous projects from light renovations to total rehabs, from new residential construction to light commercial and new construction throughout the Chicago-land and Louisiana areas.Larry V. Jones is a strong, trustworthy role model to many and is a huge advocate for teaching to those who are eager to be taught.  He has done more than his share of giving back to the community.  He takes great pride in his craftsmanship, his communicable skills and his integrity.  He leads strictly by example and has become a mentor for many individuals and small to large community based businesses. 

Lauren Jones

Marketing Specialist

Lauren has over 20 years of experience in the construction/development industry taking many projects from start to completion both residential and commercial.  She also has well  over 10 years of branding identity and graphic design work. She graduated UIC with her BFA and makes sure that although she is a well established  business professional, her creative outlook plays a vital role in the longevity of the business.
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